Wednesday, August 13, 2008

14 days and counting

Today was my bariatric class at the hospital. It started with the one hour drive and I did a breakfast bar on the way. As usual we checked in with the wonderful staff at Sanford. I am so impressed with the courtesy and sincere caring manner each of them possess. I had an EKG, talked with the pharmacist about medications, blood drawn, and then a chest xray. About the time we arrived at the actual classroom where the other three patients were waiting, the nurse who had drawn my blood came in with some orange juice. My blood sugar was low. This surgery might be coming just in time. The bariatric coordinator led a discussion about the surgery, the risks, and the diet necessary to be successful. They had encouraged us to bring a significant person with us for support. I am certain I had the best person in the room. Vince was right there taking notes, nodding, and looking at me over his glasses to reinforce a point. After class I had my last visit with Georgia. She weighed me and wished me luck! I have been very tired today. Don't know why. I went to the rec center and rode the bike for 30 minutes and logged 7.5 miles in that amount of time. Now I am taking some time to reflect. The bariatric coordinator asked us to write three words at the top of a paper: STRESS, ANGER, BOREDOM. I think I would also add SAD. Those are the emotional triggers that cause most people to eat. Things like too many phone calls or interuptions in a row, too many meetings or appointments in a day, and not being organized cause me stress. I don't have too many anger issues. I become sad when I have had a disagreement with a family member or when I don't feel good about myself. Boredom sets in while I am driving in the car or watching TV with no hand work. She then said to list the foods that one goes for at these times. I would have to say: donut holes, bakery rolls, chips, diet coke, and at the very worst times, CHOCOLATE. In the last column we were to write some options of behavior we could do instead of eating. I had already begun to contemplate strategies for these events. Obviously, I could go for a walk (even at the office, I could walk around the block to clear my head). I mentioned that quilting has become a hobby as is knitting and I don't eat when I am doing these activities. Our great room where our large screen TV resides is part of my kitchen. Now that is nice when you are entertaining and everyone wants to gather around the cook. BUT, when I watch TV in that room at night I tend to graze. That's a no-no. We have a television upstairs and that is going to be my strategy for late night viewing. Away from the food! I think one other strategy I will employ is calling a friend. I have some (LOL) all around the country and so they may be hearing from me more often while I break the emotional eating habit.

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