Friday, August 22, 2008

5 days until. . .

I will calibrate my scale on Wednesday by weighing before we travel to the hospital and then comparing to the hospital scale. This morning my scale said 239 which made me feel good. I have to say that I was really down last night over the diagnosis and then when Vince came home from the pharmacy without the medication I just lost it. It seems the pharmacist couldn't release the three antibiotics because the insurance had to approve the order. I can't believe a hospital that is so patient friendly can have the same name as an insurance company that constantly puts roadblocks up for its clients. I am inclined to write Mr. Sanford myself and tell him I think the insurance company could contaminate the reputation of his exemplary health facility. Enough ranting! I don't think hospitals should be allowed to have related insurance companies. Tonight I had my "last supper". We had friends over for dinner and I ate my last regular meal for awhile. I put some of the left over pork loin in the freezer and will grind it up when I am able to reintroduce solid "mushy" food. I also drank one last carbonated Diet Rite. Actually it didn't really taste that good.

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